Sigma Counseling Services is certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services to administer Texas DWI Education Program. The standardized program is 12 hours in length and is designed to help DWI offenders increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs. Educational focus is on how these substances relate to driving skills, to identify their own individual drinking/drug use and driving patterns, and to assist them in developing plans which will reduce the probability of future DWI behavior. Specific course topics include alcohol/drug and traffic safety problems, Texas laws relating to DWI, effects of alcohol/drugs on humans, alcohol/drugs and driving task abilities, chemical dependency, symptoms of dependency, sources of assistance, costs of DWI, and decision-making.

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DWI (DUI) Education Schedule of 2012/2013. Total of 12 hours- 3 Days with 4 Hours per Day
List of Articles
No. Month Start Date End Date Time
7 May/2015 05/18(Mon) 05/20(Wed) 06:00PM ~ 10:00PM 
6 April/2015 04/20(Mon) 04/22(Wed) 06:00PM ~ 10:00PM 
5 March/2015 03/23(Mon) 03/25(Wed) 08:30AM ~ 12:30PM 
4 February/2015 02/09(Mon) 02/11(Wed) 06:00PM ~ 10:00PM 
3 January/ 2015 01/12(Mon) 01/14(Wed) 06:00PM ~10:00PM 
2 November/2014 11/24(Mon) 11/26(Wed) 06:00PM-10:00PM 
1 Oct / 2014 10/27(Mon) 10/29(Wed) 06:00 PM ~10:00PM 
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